Here is the story of how you came to be stranded, as well as you can remember, and how to escape.


You find yourself on a mysterious island in the hut of an old man. He explains he found you on the beach and managed to find a couple of your things from the boat you crashed with. You took a nasty hit to the head and cannot remember what you were doing before you crashed and was resigned to your fate until he tells you of a possible escape. On the far side of the island there is a cove where the tide is weak enough for you to escape after repairing the boat. But the island is dangerous, many creatures lie in wait between you and the cove and they would easily kill you. The old man found an egg and gave it to you along with a book with information he collected. It hatched into creature you have never seen and according to the book, is  a Lemour. After raising it and healing, you venture into the jungle in the direction of the cove. You encountered a coyote and as it lunged at you, your Lemour fought it to protect you giving you the realization that you can tame these creatures and with their aide, you could escape. With the new thought, you quickly try to convice as many creatures as you can to come with you and train them. The further into the island you go, the more fierce they are and harder to tame. With a stubborn determination, you refuse to give up and try to escape.